Dog Agility Classes

Beginner/Foundation 1 Agility classes $180/6 classes.

  • Monday, 7:15 pm with Chris Meyers (210) 269-5845
  • Foundation II, Monday 6 pm with Chris.
  • Saturday, New Beginner Agility class starting 2/17 at 5 pm with Matt Palmieri. Text/call Matt at (805) 236-8766 or email or email alamodogobedience

Please download the registration form and email with current shot records.

Download: Registration Application Form for all classes. pdf. format

*Agility Drop-ins $30/$35 are available in monthly classes if a class is not full - contact the instructor to join monthly classes*

 Tuesday 6:45 pm with Helen Rhodes 7:15 Master Coursework $100/4 weeks

 Wednesday 10 am with Lana Neukirch: Masters/Advanced Coursework $100/4 weeks

Wednesday 7:15 pm with Chris Meyers: Novice Sequencing $100/4 weeks

Thursday Agility with Debbie Moore

  • 9 am Advanced Handling & Coursework
  • 10:30 am Masters Coursework, Sequencing & Handling
  • Thursday 12:00 pm sequencing and Jump Grid work
  • 1:00 pm Advanced/Novice coursework & handling
  • 2:30 pm Agility Foundations II- weavepoles, contact, jump sequences.
  • 3:45 pm Novice Sequencing & contact work

 Thursday 7:30 pm with Chris Meyers: Masters Coursework $100/4 weeks 

 Friday Agility Workshops with Debbie Moore & Erin Lynch

 Saturday with Matt Palmieri

  • 1:00pm - Novice Agility
  • 2:15pm - Advanced Scentwork
  • 3:30pm - Advanced Agility
  • 5:00pm - New Beginner agility class $180/6 weeks

Sunday Agility Practice - 2:30 pm $25 monthly students/$30 drop-in Message/call Erin Lynch (602) 819-3336

Due to COVID limited numbers and common courtesy, please leave your name & dog name. The dog should be capable of doing most of the agility obstacles to come to this class. Registration forms need to be filled out if you are not in monthly classes and you are a new student.

If you have an irregular work schedule (ie nurses, pharmacist) we can work with you to be in different classes depending on your schedule. 

Monday/Friday Arena Rentals: rent the arena Monday, Friday or Sunday when there are no classes or workshops. $60/hour (monthly students) maximum 4 people per hour. $70/hour non students.

Call Christine at 210 269-5845 or Debbie Moore   (210) 504-6554 to sign up for monthly advanced agility classes.
Please leave a message. Agility training is an ongoing sport & usually requires practice to continue to progress.

Download: Registration Application Form for Any Training classes in pdf. format


Performance S.T.A.R./CGC Puppy:

This group class will allow puppies to learn impulse control, body awareness, basic obedience & flatwork foundations for the sports of agility, rally and obedience in a safe & controlled environment while covering the AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy or CGC curriculum. Once the CGC is completed Puppy’s May continue on the Foundation agility class.

Beginner/Foundations I:

This class introduces a dog or older puppy to both the agility equipment and the vocabulary. Our Beginner classes use positive, motivational methods. We focus on safety and enjoyment, allowing each dog to move at his own pace, gaining confidence as he becomes familiar with each new obstacle. Dogs begin to learn the names of each obstacle ("tunnel," for example, to race through the tunnel; "jump" to leap over a jump), as well as "left" and "right" to give directions to the next obstacle. For beginners to the sport, or seasoned competitors, this course forms a solid foundation for all dogs.

The prerequisite for enrolling your dog in Agility Foundations is a Basic Manners, 2 puppy classes or instructor approval. puppies/dogs need to be used to training around other puppies & dogs.

Beginner/Foundations II: This class continues introducing the agility obstacles at higher heights & starts sequencing 6-16 obstacles together. Weavepoles, seesaw, dogwalk, Aframe, tunnels, tire, single, double, triple and broad jumps are practiced in sequences.

Masters/Advanced Coursework/Sequences: these classes continue to work to advanced the skills and practice needs to compete in AKC/UKI or USDAA master level competitions. Front, rear and blind crosses will be taught and used as necessary on the set course or students may choose to make up and practice a course their own design.

Workshops on Skills & Drills: focus on handling skills, lines, speed, and introduction to international skills taught by Courtney Moore

Premier Skills & Sequences: this class practices AKC Premier Class sequences and challenges. Taught by Debbie Moore.

Puppy Agility Foundations can be done by private lesson-Puppies and young adult dogs will learn basic self-control to become good family companions with the ability to move on to dog performance sports, such as agility, rally, through positive games.  Basic skills include targeting, sit, down, come, stand, back up, and stay using toys and soft food rewards and dog crate or exercise pen.

A dog crate, head halter or buckle collar, interactive dog toy, soft dog treats. This class is currently taught by private lesson. For further information, call Debbie Moore at 210-378-4202.

For more about agility, visit the American Kennel Club website:

Riot trained & owned by Debbie & Courtney Moore

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